What is the biggest investment you have made?

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A car is often one of the biggest investments a person or family will make, and unless they have money growing on a tree in their back yard, it’s likely they will want to make sure it lasts as long as possible. This article will reveal 3 tips (and more from carinsuranceminimizer.com) for doing just that.

Tip Number One – Change the Oil

The oil is the lifeblood of every automobile, and it is very important to make sure it gets changed regularly. Dirty oil, like an infection in the human body, can cause all kinds of problems when it comes to the mechanical health of your car. Forget to change the oil regularly, and your car will suffer an untimely and premature death.

More important than changing the oil is making sure there IS oil in the car. Dirty oil is bad, but it will get you through until you’re able to get it changed. It will NOT, however,function without oil. If you run out of oil while the motor is running, your motor will die. No ifs, and or buts about it.

Bottom line, keep a check on your oil. It’s a life and death situation…for your car.

Tip Number Two – New tires

Tire wear in and of itself won’t damage your car directly in most cases, though it can affect gas mileage by lowering your miles per gallon substantially. The issue with tire wear is the potential for a blowout. When your tires wear, they weaken. When they weaken, it is possible for them to blow out or explode, most likely from running over some kind of road debris. Depending on how badly your tires are worn, a small rock, and even the weight of the vehicle itself could cause a blowout This could result in some very costly repairs, or worse…..completely totaling your vehicle, because you could easily lose control and have an accident that damages your car and the cars of others.

Bottom line number two: Keep an eye on your tires.

Tip Number Three – Maintaining A Proper Coolant Level

If you’ve ever felt the hood of your car after a drive, you may have noticed how warm it is. That’s because the motor works very hard while getting you from place to place, and it gets very hot in the process. This requires a cooling system that keeps the motor from overheating. This system circulates antifreeze throughout a series of hoses and pipes. Antifreeze has properties that keep it from getting too hot, and this circulation of cooler antifreeze helps keep the motor temperature down. If your antifreeze levels get too low, or worse, run out, the car will overheat, resulting in all kinds of internal damage that you may never be able to completely repair.

Bottom line number three: Keep an eye on your coolant levels.

Just following these three simple tips will help keep you car running smoothly and will ensure your car lives a long life.

Medical Advice: It’s Not Always Right!


Advice is something that many of us ask for from time to time. There are even times it is shared when it is not asked for. The advice that is given can come from trusted sources or from sources that are not as reliable as they should be. No matter where the advice comes from, there are times that it may sound good and useful, but it can turn out to be disastrous from time to time, too.

One source of advice that many of us take and trust is from medical professionals. They are educated, experienced, and should know what they are talking about. But like all humans, they are only sharing advice, which is information they think is best for you or a loved one. Unfortunately, there are times when this advice has not been the best thing to do and it has turned out to be quite wrong.

Prescribing certain medications that have been harmful is an example of something that doctors have done that has been wrong. There have been medicines that have caused birth defects when pregnant women have taken them. Other medications have gone as far as killed patients who have taken them. While the doctor likely thought the advice was good at the time, it turned out to be something that has been quite harmful to the person or people who took it.

Another mistake many doctors make is performing surgeries. While they may have good intentions, sometimes these surgeries end up not doing what they were intended to do.

As you can see, taking advice from anyone is something you should do quite cautiously. While it is crucial to trust doctors and others who are supposed to care for us, there are times when they make mistakes that can cost someone their life.