Top 3 Strong and Solid Investments For Your Retirement (22)

Many retirees are suffering from investment losses as a result of continuous volatility in the equity markets. Due to this problem, many senior investors are looking for more solid and stable options to further strengthen their investment portfolios.

Thankfully, there are many choices made available for investors who need to further grow their income that they need during their golden years.

  1. Fixed Annuities

Fixed annuities guarantee interest and principal by insurance carriers. They are also often backed by reinsurance policies in cases where the primary carrier goes bankrupt. Fixed annuities pay higher rates than Certificate of Deposits. In Addition, this investment product is more likely to increase in the future, thus making them a more attractive investment channel.

  1. Variable Annuities with Guaranteed Income Riders

Most carriers sell variable annuity contracts with guaranteed income riders delivering more peace of mind and security to investors. This specific rider delivers guaranteed sum of money to contract owners regardless of the performance of subaccounts.

  1. Certificate of Deposit

Certificate of Deposit or CD is an investment option that is guaranteed to earn interest and principal to investors. As interest rates for CDs are low, investors have ample time to created a portfolio of CSs that enables people to reinvest their CDs as they mature at a higher rate.

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